Monday, June 4, 2012

It's (Probably) National Hug Your Cat Day!

Today I learned that June 4 is "National Hug Your Cat Day," which would be great, except that many people celebrated the exact same annual event just last week. While controversy may be brewing over the actual date of the faux-holiday (fauxliday?), I think most of us can agree that every day is a good day to hug your cat - unless of course, they don't like to be hugged, in which case you should remind them that today it is their national duty.

In celebration of the event that may or may not have occured last week (and definitely, maybe is happening today), Paul Frank posted an adorable status update featuring Julius the monkey with his main squeeze, Mika the cat. As a Paul Frank devotee (my claim to fame is that I once met the man himself at a signing in a department store), I couldn't resist posting this reminder that includes just one more of my pop culture obsessions.



enigmachine said...

I hope cat people don't need a day, to hug the cats in their lives.

meowmeowmans said...

We did hug Sammy and Moosey today. Of course, we hug them every day! :)

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