Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Graduate Student Designs Cat Lady Inspired Collection

Alice Maughan, a graduate student at Kingston University in London, recently took to the catwalk to pay tribute to cat ladies in her presentation during Graduate Fashion Week. The 23-year-old designer drew on inspiration from her childhood cats, Lester and Jess, and also pieces that represent decor one might associate with feline loving women of a certain age.

"I wanted to take a light-hearted look at people's obsession with their pets," she says of the collection. "I've taken aspects of interior design and combined these with my hand-drawn cat prints to bring the secret world of the cat lady into the spotlight."

"There's a quilted box-like jacket that's reminiscent of plumped up furniture and cushions - the sort of thing you would be too worried to actually sit on in case you spilt your tea on it. I've also taken some vintage curtains and turned them into a dress complete with curtain pole. The cat lady cannot be separated from the home she preens and grooms."

While Alice doesn't currently have any kitties of her own, she hopes that will change once she becomes more established in her career. "I love cats and would really like to have one in my life again," she admits. "But my studies have been so intense, it wouldn't have been fair while I was at university. One day I'll have the time again, and a garden."

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