Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Inked with Temporary Cat Tattoos by Cattoo Design

I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo, but if I did it would be cat related. If you're commitment-phobic like me, Cattoo Design founder Kate Benjamin has just released a line of cat-themed temporary tattoos so you can get the look, without being inked for life (3 to 5 days is more like it). Individual designs like paw prints, tribal cats, and my favs, "Cat Mom" and "Cat Dad" are available for $5 each (for two sheets), or you can purchase the whole set (seen above) for $20.



Cat said...

Wow, they look like fun!!!

Random Felines said...

how cool - good way to try something out (though mom already has some ink)

Karen of Ginger Cat Crafts said...

Ohh,I like those....

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