Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Amazing Acro-Cats Documentary

The Amazing Acro-Cats from Brett Whitcomb on Vimeo.

Samantha Martin knew she wanted to be an animal trainer since she was 7, and it was that continued passion as an adult that led her to the creation of The Amazing Acro-Cats.

The traveling show consists of one part circus act and one part rock show, where cats jump through hoops, balance on balls, and "The Rock-cats" take the stage playing tiny instruments. All of the "performers" belong to Martin, and many of them are rescues.

Each performance is a unique event based on the unpredictability of cats, and audience members are encouraged to wear kitty ears to get in the mood. This short documentary, shot by Brett Whitcomb and filmed at Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Texas focuses on Samantha's unique lifestyle, and her talented troupe of kitties.

To learn more about The Amazing Acro-Cats, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook to find a show near you. I've heard they're really great, and have my paws crossed for some East Coast tour dates!



Anonymous said...

WHAAAAAAT?!! that is amazing. seriously, i just emailed my friends in Houston an all caps emails telling them they HAVE TO GO SEE THESE CATS since i can't.

-- Megan

Anonymous said...

Amazing! They are so cute and smart as I always say. I hope I can train my kitty to do one of those, too. I want to see the circus with my cat someday.

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