Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Princess Sugar Pie, Famous Therapy and Show Cat!

"World's Smallest First Mate"
Copyright© 2011 Princess Sugar Pie Productions. All rights reserved.

Meet Princess Sugar Pie, an 8-year-old famous (and fashionable) registered therapy cat who lives in Alabama with her owner/trainer/dad, Jim Barbee.

Captain Jim and Princess Sugar Pie
Copyright© 2011 Princess Sugar Pie Productions. All rights reserved.

Barbee rescued Princess Sugar Pie in 2004, when her found her living as a feral kitten underneath his condo. Jim says that at first, the then 1-year-old cat wouldn't even let him approach her, but after gaining her trust, he felt she would make a wonderful therapy animal. After two-years of training, Princess Sugar Pie became a certified therapy cat through the Service Animal Registry of America in 2007.

"Little Cowgirl" driving tractor at Sevier County Co-op
Copyright© 2011 Princess Sugar Pie Productions. All rights reserved.

Jim takes Sugar Pie to local hospitals and nursing homes, and also to schools to meet with children. She also accompanies him on errands around town, and loves to perform! This extraordinary kitty has earned numerous awards, appeared on the local news, and even had a song written about her! She was also recognized on Capitol Hill in 2008 for her contributions to the healthcare industry as a certified therapy cat.

In addition to her calm demeanor, Princess Sugar Pie makes an ideal therapy animal because she loves to make people smile. She enjoys dressing up in various outfits, doing tricks, and meeting with her adoring fans!

Princess Sugar Pie is "Little Cowgirl" wearing her new hat
Copyright© 2011 Princess Sugar Pie Productions. All rights reserved.

She is also a bit of a diva, and takes pleasure in looking good!

Jim says, "Princess Sugar Pie" is sometimes called "Sugar Pie" or just "Sugar" for short, even-though she is still an actual Princess. She really enjoys grooming herself while sitting on the vanity in front of the mirror in the bathroom. She also enjoys having her nails and hair trimmed before she takes her bath and has no problems with a blow dryer being used to dry her hair either. Shouldn't a Princess be pampered while taking great pains to look her best?"
To learn more about Princess Sugar Pie, you can visit her official website, YouTube page, or follow Jim on Twitter!

Also, thanks to Alissa, I now know that you can like Princess Sugar Pie's Facebook Fan Club Page here!

All images courtesy of Jim Barbee.



Julia Williams said...

What a cutie pie, and such fun pictures!!

Julia Williams said...

Oh and p.s. I have voted for you and will continue. I have no idea what "social integration blog" means though!!!

HH and The Boys said...

What great outfits... You wear them well.

pawhugs, Max

Alyssa S said...

So cute. I loved the video, I've never seen a cat do that. I've bookmarked it to show my friends, they will think it's so cute and funny. I am voting for your blog as well!


Catsparella said...

@Julia and Alyssa Thanks for your votes!!!! We gotta win for the kitty's of Tabby's Place!

Anonymous said...

After a hard day at work a truck pulled up next to me at a stop light at veterans blvd.I looked over and there was a cat inside wearing a cow girl hat. The gentleman inside explained who she was.Smiled all way home ,Thanks for making my day.

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