Friday, July 8, 2011

Maru Comes Stateside With New Book Release

Maru is coming to America! Well..kind of. The most popular cat on the internet is poised to take over the New York Times Best Sellers list when his book, "i am maru" is released in the U.S. by William Morrow on August 23rd.

From the publisher:

This round, adorable Scottish Fold cat may be an internet sensation, but he knows how to keep his celebrity status from going to his fluffy head...mostly. Maru and his owner, mugumogu, give readers a peek into the low-key life of the world's most famous cat. See all his favorite hiding places - trash cans, cupboards, cereal boxes...if it's cozy, he's there - meet his treasured toys, and learn what it means to wield just the right amount of catitude.

The book was originally released in Japan in 2009, and the English version is said to include "a special edition inside jacket poster." The 96-page hardcover will retail for $15.99, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon for just $10.87.

Finish the following sentence: I haven't been this excited for a book to come out since _____ !

Updated to add: Commenter Ten22 reminded me that there are a SLEW of awesome cat books coming out soon!

Look for Yasmine Surovec's "Cat Versus Human" to be released on October 4th [pre-order here], and "Crafting With Cat Hair" to hit bookshelves on November 1st! [pre-order here].

Update #2: "i am maru" UK pre-order link - Thanks, Beth!

Via USA Today, courtesy of my friend Ann from Careers For Your Cat!

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Tanya said...

...since cat versus human announced its upcoming book

Catsparella said...

@Tenn22 YES, thank you! Just updated the post with info about her book too!

Random Felines said...

Mom got overly excited there for a second - love the idea of the book, but she has it bad for Maru. :)

Beth Doodlecats said...

Maru is my favourite internet-cat. I think the translated comments with the pictures add much of the charm too.

Catsparella said...

@Beth Oh, yes I very much agree!

altagato said...

Does anyone have the books recommended by Amazon written by Mel Hynes and illustrated by James Grant? They look similar to Simon's cat books :D

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