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Throwing a Cat Party on a Dime

I'm a thrifty gal, always looking for a way to save a buck, so when our friends at My Pet Savings offered to do a guest post about throwing a fabulous cat party without spending a ton, I couldn't refuse! I love all of these cute and easy ideas, and will definitely use some of these tips when planning my next cat soiree!


When your cats are like your children, it only seems right to throw them a little celebration for their birthday or for the holidays. Here are a few ideas on how to throw a cat-errific good time on a dime.

Avoid party-crashers

The Guests: Invite all of your cat lover friends and their felines to your fabulous cat party! It is best to keep the party relatively small and to only invite well-tempered cats and kittens. Of course, you can choose to just have your cat be the only cat there if having guest cats in your home makes you nervous.

Temptations treats and kibble provide the garnish on this cat food cake

The Food: A party is not a party without delicious food. There are several cat treat recipes online that are simple to make. For individual birthday cakes for cats, mix tuna and prawn together well. The mixture should be the consistency of mush. The mixture can then be layered thickly in a rectangular cake pan. Then take a water glass and use it to cut the mixture into perfect circle. Place the circle of tuna and prawn on a little plate and garnish with catnip or cat grass. Place a candle in the birthday cat’s cake. Also, if your town has a pet bakery, they may have several gourmet treats for your cat available for purchase.

Cupcakes decorated using M&M minis, mini Oreos, and pretzel stix

For the non-furry guest, delicious cupcakes can be decorated to look like your kitty’s face (Click here for more cat cupcake ideas). A litter box cake is a popular recipe that will be a hoot for all of the human guests. You can also serve goldfish crackers, tuna sandwiches, and Chex Mix labeled as “Cat Chow” or “Meow Mix”.

The Decorations: Decorate with pictures of your cat in affordable frames. You can also hang faux yarn balls from the ceiling. Just take Styrofoam balls and wrap with inexpensive yarn. Glue the yarn to the ball to resemble a yarn ball. Hang from the ceiling or place on the table.

Little pots of cat grass can decorate the table, while also acting as place settings and take home favors.

Priscilla always enjoys a good game of Cat-opoly

The Games: Set up obstacle courses for the cats to explore and enjoy. Owners and cats can have relay races through the obstacle course by having the owner lead their cat through a series of obstacles (such as climbing up the cat tree or running down a ramp) with the help of three kitten treats. Whichever team has the fastest time will receive a cat-related prize. The book 50 Games to Play With Your Cat may have several more cat related games to play.

Without the cats, the owners can enjoy cat-related games, such as cat bingo or Cat-opoly – a cat version of Monopoly.

Throwing a party for your cat or just a cat-themed party can be a lot of fun. There is no need to spend a lot of money, though. Look for fun cat toys at a local dollar store and make the food and decorations from resources you all ready have in your home.

This article was provided by My Pet Savings, which provides cat (and dog) lovers with the latest cat food coupons, freebies, deals, giveaways and more.

Special thanks to Kristy from My Pet Savings for sharing these great tips! Images courtesy of Priscilla's 10th Birthday Party, which you can read more about here.

Have some more ideas, or want to share pictures from your own cat party? Email me at!



Fluffy and Heather said...

I don't think I ever would have had success throwing a cat party for my two little ones, and I'm afraid Fluffy takes after them! If I got them to jump up for a treat, I was lucky! It is a very cute idea for your go-getting type of moggie, though! I especially love the Cat-opoly idea! :)

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