Monday, July 4, 2011

Kids React To Crazy Cat Lady eHarmony Video

The "Kids React" crew are at it again, this time exposing impressionable minors to Debbie and her crazy cat-loving eHarmony video bio.

While it's refreshing to see that the 14 and under set can call out internet BS when they see it, I was a little surprised at their disdain for online dating - What do 10-year-olds know about finding love on the internet, anyway? (I wouldn't be surprised if some of their parents met on

It's also interesting that while the majority of kids thought the clip was weird, yet authentic, the two littlest girls (one who even admitted she herself might cry over cats), voted that the video was a definite fake.

One of them, 6-year-old Morgan, my favorite "Kids React" cast member, even offered these words of advice to Debbie on her next shot at online dating: "(She) could've been like, 'I really want a guy to be my dating boy.' You've got to believe in yourself!"



HH and The Boys said...

HEE HEE... I'm just glad HH adopted me and not that lady.

pawhugs, Max

Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!! Mom said if that cat lady see this video, She must kill herself !!!!

We used to watch that lady's video on Sparkle's post , And we couldn't watch till the end. Mom said those kids are special !

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