Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet a Tabby's Place Cat: Boots


The second cat in my "Meet a Tabby's Place Cat" series is none other than BOOTS! This boy calls the warm and inviting lobby of the cat sanctuary his home, and instantly stole my heart the moment I walked in because he looks practically identical to Priscilla, my baby, and the main inspiration behind this blog!

Angela told me that Boots can be a bit of a "bruiser" to the other cats, but he loves all beings of the human variety, which is why he was moved to the lobby, where he can bask in human affection all day long. Another reason for his central location, is because this young boy (he's only four), has a serious of medical condition that requires close monitoring.

You see, Boots has heart disease, and receives treatment in the form of a small dose of aspirin (to prevent a blood clot), a diuretic to remove excess fluid from his lungs and to make his heart's job easier, and medication to lower his blood pressure and to reduce his heart's workload. He also requires regular blood tests and quarterly ultrasounds to monitor his health.

Fortunately for Boots, he found himself at Tabby's Place, where the loving staff and volunteers will provide this tuxie gentlemen with a safe, comfortable, and loving environment for as long as he needs.

If you would like to learn more about Boots, or find out how you can sponsor him, please click HERE.

Tabby's Place is a cage-free sanctuary for cats in hopeless situations. You can read about my recent visit here. Vote Catsparella for Best Social Integration Blog at the 2011 Petties Awards, and if I win, I'll donate the $1,000 prize to Tabby's Place to help Boots and other special needs kitties like him. You can vote every day, twice a day, through July 29th!

Visit to vote, and please help spread the word!



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