Friday, July 1, 2011

America's Got Talent..and Cats

This week on the latest round of auditions for "America's Got Talent", a cat made a rare appearance on the stage as part of the magical act known as "Fantastic Fig and Newton."

76-year-old magician Fantastic Fig impressed celebrity judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan with his mind-blowing psychic card tricks, but not so much with his inexplicable dance moves, and cadre of female backup dancers. When asked if he was married, the self-identifying cat man replied, "Only to my cat!"

Honestly, I was hoping cow kitty Newton was going to take on a more active role in the performance (Even animal-lover Osbourne commented, "I just like the cat."), but maybe he'll get his 15-minutes of fame after all, as the senior psychic and his crew were able to finesse their way into the next round of competition!



Julia Williams said...

I saw that this week. It wasn't the greatest act, but I couldn't believe how calm the cat was!! How does it not get freaked out by all the lights, cameras, people, applause, noise etc? I mean, my cats hide when they see the Fedex guy!! lol. I guess I've just never known a laid back cat. Perhaps in the next round the cat will get to take on a more active role. Can't see the act surviving the Vegas round though.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

OMC! If my Human tried to do this to me we would have to call the blood bank! What a mellow kitteh!

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