Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taking Back Sunday Spoof OMG Cat in New Music Video

Taking Back Sunday - Faith (When I Let You Down) OMGWTFTBS

Taking Back Sunday showed how viral video fame can effect kitties when they recently unveiled the music video for "Faith (When I Let You Down)," the first single off their new self titled album, released last month.

No doubt inspired by the original "OMG Cat" viral video sensation, the clip features singer Adam Lazzara shooting a similar video of the band's cat (not an actual feline, just someone wearing a furry kitty suit), that ends up garnering 80 million views on YouTube.

The cat quickly becomes intoxicated by his newfound fame, and hops a bus to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making it big in Hollywood. After a promising guest spot on an Ellen look-a-like talk show leads to a string of failed movie auditions, the dejected kitty takes on a slightly-NSFW stint in porn to help make ends meet.

After his life becomes a downward spiral consisting of confrontations with fans, nasty headlines, and catnip abuse, the wayward pussycat finally returns home to the TBS family, who welcome him back in with open arms.

If you need more OMG Cat in your life, the band have set up a Twitter account where you can follow his continued hijinks @OMGWTFTBSCat.



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