Monday, May 30, 2011

The Origin of Business Cat and Nyan Cat

The long weekend has brought two newfound discoveries my way in the world of popular internet cat culture. First, Abby schooled me on the story behind the real kitty behind the Business Cat meme, and then Rocketboom posted a video explaining the origins of Nyan Cat, everyone's favorite singing pop tart cat who flies through space with rainbows coming out of its rear.

Business Cat IRL

First up, did you know that Business Cat is really a Brooklyn-based kitty named Emilio? Through KnowYourMeme, I found his official website that includes his back story, as well as personalized Business Cat messages you can send to all your friends!

Emilio was adopted from BARC shelter in May 2010, and his infamous tie-wearing photograph was a result of a Christmas gift gone awry. Apparently, the professional kitty wasn't a big fan of his new neck wear (purchased from our friend WhiskerKisses' Etsy shop!), and they were only able to get a few snaps of him wearing it by shining a laser pointer behind the camera (ha!).

No one knows exactly who created the first Business Cat image, but one thing for sure is that Emilio's first Christmas present will never be forgotten!

Next up, Nyan Cat was originally drawn by PRguitmarman, but the story behind the infectious song, involving a virtual Japanese pop star, is a bit more complicated. Check out the video for the full scoop!

And finally, I also wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to Morgan, the breakout star of the "Kids React to Viral Videos" YouTube series, littlest cat lady, and (hopefully) future Catsparella reader (Thanks, Sarah!).

We first admired her cat loving performance in "Kids React to Keyboard Cat," and she was at it again yesterday in their latest video, "Kids React to Nyan Cat." While most of the other children groaned and rolled their eyes at the clip, sweet little Morgan cooed over it, told the interviewer that she could continue watching the video until she died, and declared that she would name the trippy gray kitty Rapunzel.

Morgan, we salute you!



Gigi said...

I think the Human will be checking out KnowYourMeme, LOL! Great informative post!

Admiral Hestorb said...

I LOVED this..what else is new? Everything you write os a delight to my mommy and me! xoxox

Lolcat Lisa said... the Business Cat site where you can customize a message! Business Cat will be on several friends desks tomorrow morning! Thanks, Catsparella!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Ahhhh, I feel so enlightened! I have to admit, I wondered about business cat.

Michelle said...

This was all news to me - although I have heard of that virtual pop star before! I do like Business cat, he's so cute!

Ellen Whyte said...

Love the red dot thing!

Mr Puddy said...

Interesting ! Business Cat !

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