Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Charlotte Olympia Smoking Cat Shoe Collection Update

Everyone FLIPPED when I posted these amazing Charlotte Olympia Fall 2011 cat shoes back in April, but there remained a slew of unanswered questions about how much they cost, and where to buy them.

Well, I can now report that an American retailer is finally offering them for sale, but the news is slightly bittersweet.

The Good News: The Charlotte Olympia Embroidered Cat Velvet Flats are now up for pre-order on Nordstrom.com in black only. The site claims there are "limited quantities" available, and the item will ship as soon as they are in-stock (approximate ship date given is 10/7/2011).

The Bad News: The hefty price tag. If you want these cats for your *ahem* dogs, you're going to have to shell out $660 bucks for the pleasure of owning the "plush velvet flat with a leather-lined interior." Also: Euro sizing.

I still haven't seen anything about the availability of the other colors and styles of the "Smoking Cat" collection (wedges and heels), but will continue to update this post with new information!



Cat said...

They are fantastic, but wow that is a lot to pay!!!

Weetzie's said...

Well, the other good news is that the market is now wide open for some industrious person to get started on some adorable cheap knock-offs. Somebody get on this, stat!

Admiral Hestorb said...

whow nelly..that's a hefty price. wish i had them though.

Alyssa S said...

Those are pretty cute but $660? That's outrageous!


Clooney said...

They are darling, but I could never justify $660 for them. Too bad.

Nadbugs said...

The ears, the ears. That's the touch I like best. The $$$? [snort]

Ellen Whyte said...

Great idea but the price? We're meowing!

Tamago said...

What pretty shoes! I love those small ears.
But, but, but $660?? It's too expensive! If I get the shoes, I don't think I can wear...I will display in a room :-)

Lauryl said...

So cute, but $660?!?! No Can Do -- love the idea of adorable, inexpensive copy-cats, tho!!!

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