Thursday, March 31, 2011

PetCakes For Cats

PetCakes Cheese Nip Starter Kit - $9.95

The cat cupcakes are already in the oven for the human attendees at Priscilla's upcoming birthday bash, but what to serve the feline guests? That's a question I've been pondering, along with Sarah on my Facebook page, also struggling to come up with ideas for her cat Fern's birthday party. We both agreed that there are an abundance of fancy dog cookies that can be found online and in pet boutiques, but where are all the equally adorable desserts for cats?

One option I came across this week is a product called PetCakes, by a company called Lucky Paws. PetCakes are described as all-natural, organic, microwavable treats, that promise "homemade goodness" in a jiffy.

The directions that come with the Cat Lovers starter kit (pictured above) are straightforward, and remind me of mixing up exciting little creations in my Easy Bake oven as a child. All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a bowl, pour the mixture into the fish shaped pan, and nuke 'em in the microwave for a short 2 1/2 minutes. The included mix is "Cheese nip" flavored, and consists of organic oat flower, organic rye flower, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, romano cheese, catmint, baking soda and baking powder. The instructions also recommend adding a tablespoon of tuna, salmon, or anchovy paste to help increase the yum factor for your kitty.

Unfortunately, it's too late for me to order a kit before Friday (the Party 2 Go Kit would have been purrfect!), but I'd still like to try them out at some point. The cakes seem to be fast and fun to make, and could be something different to offer at your next cat celebration.

So what do you think? Would you buy these easy bake-ables for your kitty, or do you already make your own cat food/treats?

P.S. Don't forget to enter Priscilla's birthday giveaway for a personalized 'Kitty Love' necklace by Hammering Redhead! You have until 5PM EST tomorrow, April 1st to submit. Click here for all the details!



Sarah said...

Yay! I wish I could have ordered them in time for tomorrow, but I guess that will have to be for her next birthday. I did find this website thru google:

I might be able to make something from there. If all else fails, I'm buying catmilk and whipping it into cream! haha.

Marcia said...

I am a bit of a critic when it comes to feeding my Cats. While Dogs have a broader diet, and types of food they can eat, Cats have a more narrow range of nutritional requirements. They truly need their meat requirement and Taurine to prevent blindness. I was giving my Persians "catmilk" and Temptations when they were young. (The breeder gave them these). My Donny was not gaining weight they way he should and the Vet was concerned. She ordered me to get him Royal Canin high quality Persian blend food for him, and I had to bring him in for weekly weights. AND "NO TREATS"! She said giving cats treats and "catmilk" were like feeding your children candy. Plus they get hooked on it! She said a Cat is very small animal weight wise and every bit of food they eat needs to meet their nutritional requirements to be healthy. SOO no more treats or junk food for my Kitties! I am happy to say his weight picked up and filled out like the stocky/ cobby shape he should have as a Persian, while he only weighs 10.5 lbs, that is what he should weigh. When my Kitties demand "something" they get a custard shape fancy cup of filtered water. They love it and it is good for their kidneys as Donny had kidney stones! I "treat" my kitties with catnip "food" toys! Also, I was selling my toys in a Pet Boutique a few years ago, and the owner gave me a Kitty Treat Cookbook and small fish cookie cutter and asked me to make "Cat Treats" they could sell. I told him I did not support that as most of the ingredients are flour/ starch based, and declined. That was also right after the cat food recall with the tainted grain products from China.
Just my opinion....I'll stick with high quality meat/ balanced food for my kitties!

leo811 (twitter) said...

hey stephanie, i just saw this and a few other ones of interest. i've been looking for somethinig like this, baby do!'s birthday is on sunday. did you ever try these? can you buy it retail? ive never seen it. thankx kim

Catsparella said...

Hey Kim! Wow, Priscilla's birthday is on Sunday, too!

Unfortunately, I haven't tried Petcakes yet, but the map of where they are available in retail is here:

Please wish a very happy early birthday to baby do! for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys my cat's birthday is next month and I ve already started planning .Im wondering if this catcake kit comes with the frosting? Or whatever you use to decorate them? Please let me know if anyone has actually tried it !

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