Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beyonce's "Kitty Kat" Music Video Moment

(If you're having trouble seeing the video, click through to watch it directly on YouTube.)

Long before Katy Perry donned a rubber catsuit and writhed around with an oversized hot pink ball of yarn in an ad for her feline inspired fragrance, Beyonce was showing off her own kitty affinity in a music video for the song, "Kitty Kat."

The year was 2007, and B was set to release the "B'Day Video Anthology DVD," as a follow-up to her hugely successful "B'Day" album.

The "Kitty Kat" clip was an intro to the song “Green Light,” and featured Knowles decked out from head to toe in cheetah print - From her intricately patterned eyeshadow to her mile high stilettos, and everything in between.

However, it's not Beyonce's attire that makes this 58 second clip worth revisiting (although several makeup tutorials also popped up on YouTube in its wake.) Instead, it's her larger than life feline co-star that makes the video an instant pop culture classic. Beyonce wanted a "sexy" and "sassy" vibe for the clip, and in turn, the beautiful black kitty appears alongside her titillating performance. According to reports, "The video was shot on green screen to give the appearance of Knowles riding the cat, and a plastic cow with black fur on it was used to model the animal."

Whether she's taunting it with yarn, riding on its back, or even leading it with a gold leash, it's clear that the jumbo kitty is what really gives this video its claws!



Cathy Keisha said...

Is it really a over-size cat or has Beyonce shrunk? GASP

Catsparella said...

@Cathy Keisha Good question..!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I think Beyonce got her moves down pat! She must own a cat! xoxo

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