Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cat Wood Carvings by Bryn Perrott

Yogurt the hairless cat. 2013

I'm always on the lookout for artists who are able to capture cats in unique and interesting ways, and was recently blown away by the discovery of Bryn Perrott, and her incredible wood carvings. Bryn's work, which evokes vintage tattoo flash, features skulls, religious iconography, dogs, demons, and feline designs that are so intricate, it's hard to believe they're made out of wood.

Perrott has been making wood carvings for 15 years, but only turned it into a business more recently. Each piece takes her five to eight hours to complete, which includes drawing, garage work, painting, carving and clear coating.

Bryn and Mole

On the topic of cats, Bryn tells me: "Cats! where do I start!? They're the best. I've had them my whole life. My family is a cat family. I have two of my own, Mothra who's 12-years-old and Mole who is three. I guess always having them around, they became the subject of drawings, paintings and now carvings." 


To check out more of Bryn's work, visit her website (, or follow her on Instagram at deerjerk. She works primarily on commission, so if you have a question or would like to make an order, email her at orders(at)deerjerk(dot)com. "I'm open to almost anything!" she says. "Especially cats."

Kewpie and cat. 2012

Cat and Higgs skull. 2012


Cats. 2012

When it rains, it purrs...2011



Sparkle said...

Wow, these are cool! My human is bookmarking her site because this is the kind of art she really likes.

fidel said...

Bellisimo arte muy bien inspirada la obra .

lamina@do a bit said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful and highly original. Thanks for sharing!

mq01 said...

love it! cinco and i will be back shoppin! great stuff!

Georgia said...

Beautiful and very original!

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