Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ke$ha, Kitten Cover Seventeen Magazine

Cat lady Ke$ha is the February cover girl for Seventeen, finding herself purrfectly accessorized with a floral headpiece, golden tooth, and fluffy, blue-eyed kitten. In a behind-the-scenes video, the "Die Young" singer reveals that she is a lifelong animal lover, who was brought up playing music and doing animal rescue.

For its part, the underage kitten model bears a slight resemblance to Ke$ha's own cat, Mr. Peep$, whom she adopted back in July. The Siamese feline has been her constant companion ever since, and even has his own Twitter account, where he recently shared "Merry Catsmas" wishes with fans.

Check out more of Ke$ha's kittentastic cover spread (shot by Kenneth Willardt), when the issue hits newsstands Jan. 8.

Via Idolator / Seventeen Magazine



Bernadette said...

Seems like we're moving toward the goddess look--a goddess always has a cat. Maybe not a gold tooth...but it's wonderful to know about her background.

Rachel Shubin said...

That's really neat, can't wait for my issue to arrive. I agree with Bernadette, the gold tooth is so weird.

Anonymous said...

A kitten makes everyone look cute so kesha is 10 times cuter even being super cute before hand

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