Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet 14 Year Police Department Veteran, C.C. The Cat

C.C. (Handout/VicPD)

She doesn't wear a uniform like Iemon the kitty cop from Japan, but C.C. the cat combats crime in her own way as a 14-year veteran of the Victoria Police Department in Canada.

The white mitted kitty was brought to the communications center (hence her name) as a kitten, and has been manning emergency phone lines ever since. Longtime 911 operator Anna Mickey told Metro Victoria, “Fourteen years ago, on a wet and stormy night, one of our sergeants was driving across the Bay Street Bridge when he saw this little thing on the sidewalk. He stopped and opened the door and she just jumped right in the car.” 


Instead of turning her over to the SPCA as planned, C.C. became the official office cat, where her presence adds a sense of levity to the high pressure environment. She enjoys employee perks such as her own kitty tree and unlimited naps, and enjoys surfing desks for treats. 

And what words of advice does Mickey have for prospective VicPD employees who are allergic to cats, or otherwise not amenable to the idea of a feline co-worker?

“If you don’t like cats, well then apply for a job somewhere else. You can stay out of the room, or you can take anti-histamines, but the cat is staying,” she said.




enigmachine said...

"the cat is staying"
More places should take such staunch, healthy attitudes.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful guy to pick that baby up!!

Georgia said...

She looks like such a sweet kitty! So glad he rescued her.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We love it!

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

This attitude is one of the reasons I almost moved to Victoria years ago. Shared with <3

Anonymous said...

I bring my cat to work every Friday. Most of the staff love it. Unfortunately, several people in the office are allergic to cats but they just stay away.

Unknown said...

I wish I could bring my cat to work! lol. Unfortunately, my employer did not hear about the "take your pet to work day" event. :(
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