Monday, January 21, 2013

Fletcher The Cat Meets Snow For The First Time

Cat Meets Snow

YouTuber jefcharles recently uploaded video of his feline playing in the snow for the first time, writing: "After being sent home from work the first thing I did on getting home was to check outside the back door to see if there were any cat paw prints. There weren't, so I thought I'd introduce Fletcher to the snow and film the results."

Now, I'm pretty sure my own cats would pass out if they ever found themselves in this situation, but Fletcher the kitty was thrilled at the opportunity to check out the fluffy stuff for the first time. The slightly confused looking tabby prances around trying to catch snowflakes, adorably burrowing and batting his paws beneath the surface. It's a reminder of just how beautiful nature can be, and how fun snow days were before they meant digging out the driveway.

Since posting the now viral clip on Friday, Jef was forced to add some amusing edits to the description, including an apology for leaving the door open, and a disclaimer that Fletcher is not for sale. He also addresses concerns about the cat's welfare, saying, "He wasn't forced to come out and was free to go in at any time. He spent the day playing in the snow with his brother both coming in occasionally to warm their cockles. All is well."

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Alyssa Whitt said...

How adorable!

Sparkle said...

How awesome - Fletcher makes snow look like fun!

Sarah Park said...

Just like anybody else, even Fletcher gets excited with his first snow experience. Cute little one.

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