Monday, January 21, 2013

Paralyzed Kitten Gets New Wheels Thanks To Local Robotics Club

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A kitten named Flipper with impossibly adorable ear fluff is able to get around easier these days, thanks to the kindness and innovation of some local high school students. 

The Denver Post reports that the 9-month-old kitten, who currently resides at Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital in Colorado, was brought in a few months ago after suffering a spinal injury that left her hind legs partially paralyzed. The hospital, which sponsors the Conifer High School robotics club, asked the students if they would be able to construct a pair of wheels to help give the kitten a lift, and after a series of prototypes, the group was able to engineer a harnessed cart, that Flipper wears for two hours a day. 

Vet H.C. "Doc" Gurney says that the project was a good opportunity to work with the community, and that Flipper has shown improvement with the device. In fact, she's so content with her new ride, they have to keep an eye out to make sure she doesn't hurt herself while speeding around corners!


Via / Denver Post



Julie- CatAtelier said...

Aww, her ear floofs are so long! Really cute.
That is really sweet of those kids. Maybe they should team up with a fashion club or whatever sewing club they might have in the school to sew a custom harness for Flipper. I kind of wish I could do it myself, but I would need to see the cart in person to pattern the back part to fit. And I can't go to Denver

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, that is SO cool! Good for those kids, and even better for Flipper!

Lolcat Lisa said...

Avert your eyes from the adorable ear floof!

Sarah Park said...

Very lovely little creature. He is so lucky to have been given wheels.

yashasui said...

Oh she's a Maine Coon! Awwww!!! I'm so happy those kids made that for her :)

Kendy P said...

omg - so cute! what sweet kids!

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