Monday, January 28, 2013

12 Cat-Themed Valentine's Day Cards To Help Show You Care

Valentine's Day is all about finding the purrfect card, and whether you're shopping for a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend (or someone you want to be your boyfriend), a cat-themed greeting is a fine way to share your passion for felines, while keeping the love alive.

Cat Cupid Card by Captain's Print Co.
Who wouldn't want to get a card of a cat wearing a diaper and a curly wig? No one, that's who. (And if they don't, they don't deserve a Valentine from you anyway.)

"I Fancy You" by Esme and Mao
Show off your love of cats and crafts with a card featuring a sweet drawing of the artist's kitty, Mao Mao, alongside hand-cut paper hearts, and embossed text.

Valentine's Day Card and Brooch Combo by Hello Small World
A card and gift in one? Cut down on your shopping list this season by picking up this charming kitty dude greeting, along with a matching Mr. Cat Brooch that your Valentine can rock all year round.

"Gorgeousness is you and me.. and our cat" by PesceRosso
I'd be lying if I said I didn't audibly "aww" when coming across this whimsical hipster masterpiece by artist Laura Di Francesco. The card doubles as a hand-painted work of art, so you and your honey can celebrate your feline family 4ever.

Cat Jokes Valentines by Hey Pais
I'm no less than obsessed with Paisley the Cat and her sidekick Boo Radley, who recently unleashed their hilarious annual cat greetings on the world. In addition to "Cat Jokes", also be sure to check out their feline-themed "Game of Thrones" inspired set.

"I love you almost as much as I love the cat" by Doodlecats
Beth Wilson of Doodlecats is known for her adorable kitty illustrations, which she puts on everything from tees and totes, to stationary and accessories. Her Valentine's Day offerings include the card above (also available for multi-cat homes), and a delightful design starring her perpetually grumpy cat, Oscar. Check out her full range of greetings here.

Purple Cats Greeting Card by Portraits of Animals
Bernadette Kazmarski of The Creative Cat uses her family of felines as inspiration behind her beautiful collection of cards. I'm smitten with her sweet sketches and hand-printed linocut notecards, along with her black cat-inspired designs. All greetings can be purchased individually, or indulge in a set to share with all of the cool cats in your life.

Mini Owl and Pussycats Valentine Cards by Cathy Peng
Cathy Peng's designs are catnip to a girl like me, and this old school set, complete with mini envelopes and stickers, is a purrfect pick for little cat ladies, or for those who are just young at heart.

Love is Blind Greeting Card by Oskar and Klaus
It's hard not to fall in love with Oskar the blind cat (remember this video?) and his kitty bro, Klaus. The two have conspired to spread the love through their online shop that stocks tees, ties, and greetings, including one depicting a sweet shot of Oskar getting his cuddle on with a teddy bear.

Hand-drawn Grumpy Cat Valentines by Afternoon Coffee
Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce is a popular Valentine's Day antihero this year, also popping up on homegrown greetings by Fox and Hound Paperie and Cool Stuff I Want To Buy. Great for when you can't quite find the words to say, "I like you...""Sort of."

"What Can I Say? You're My Kind of Crazy" Greeting Card by Grizzly Graphics
Show solidarity for the cat-aholic in your life with this quirky card that validates their desire to be covered in cat hair.

Heart's Valentine's Day Greeting Card by Pudge the Cat
Our Exotic Shorthair pal Pudge is always a good sport, whether she's working a pretty pink background, or modeling hearts around her head.



Bernadette said...

I love Cat Jokes! I love them all, but that one really made me LOL.

Mr Puddy said...

Love all cards, just pawsome cute !

meowmeowmans said...

What a great collection of kitty Valentine's Day cards! They all made me smile. :)

Bianca said...

Thanks for putting my "I Fancy You" card up! xx :)
-Bianca (and Mao Mao.)

Cristian said...

These are hilarious, gorgeous, and incredibly special. I fell in love with two of them (Portraits of Animals and Grizzly Graphics), and am ordering some as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Love all these adorable cards!

Paulette Leto said...

Oh my god, Game of Thrones-themed cat Valentine cards! Those are SO CUTE! "Valentine, the night is dark and full of snuggles." Haha! Classic.

I really like that "I fancy you" card too. The design is really elegant in its simplicity.

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