Friday, May 11, 2012

Who's Your Cat Mama (Or Cat Daddy!): The Results!

Earlier this week, I issued a challenge seeing if you could match the felines with their famous parents. Were your answers correct? Check out the results below, or go back and try the matching game for yourself before getting schooled on of the cat-styles of the rich & the famous!

Kitty Purry, who was cheekily named after her famous mom, has been known to become a trending topic after Katy posts pics of her, and has inspired everything from the pop star's line of cat-themed perfumes (Purr and Meow, respectively), to the designs she wears on her nails!

Answer: 2f Piaf & Kat Von D
LA Ink star turned make-up mogul Von D announced she was adopting Piaf last year, several months after losing her cat Valentine in a tragic house fire. The hairless cat, named after French singing legend Edith Piaf, also follows Ludwig, Von D's first Sphynx who passed away in 2009.

The Private Practice star has two orange tabby's named Billy and Pablo, who match their famous mama's ginger mane. The two often show up on the actresses Twitter feed, where she recently revealed Billy's plans for an upcoming Cat Cam documentary!

Answer: 4e Rocky & Snooki
Snooki, who is due to give birth later this year, has been practicing her mothering skills on her three cats, Rocky, Vito, and Tommy. When a rude fan recently called Rocky "ugly" on Twitter, the reality star rigorously defended him, saying: "Um YA. Diss me all u want, but my cat? #NOUDIDNT."

Swift singlehandedly caused an internet meltdown back in November when she introduced the world to her new kitten named Meredith. The Scottish Fold, who even caught the attention of fellow cat-lady Katy Perry, was named after Ellen Pompeo's character on Grey's Anatomy.

Ricky may not come across the type to gush over a cat, but the British comedian frequently shares photos of his beloved Ollie on Twitter. Gervais received the striking kitty as a gift from television host Jonathan Ross, after being surprised with the kitten during a taping of Ross' television show in 2003.

The Glee star is a vegan and outspoken animal rights advocate rescued Sheila as a kitten from the Paramount lot of her hit show. The cat was named after a character in the musical Hair, and Michele told Prestige Hong Kong earlier this year that she comes home "every single night" to watch reality TV with the pint sized tortie.

The goth-rocker and unlikely cat lover plays proud papa to Lily, a Devon Rex who he retained custody of after his divorce from burlesque star Dita Von Teese. In addition to showing up in promotional images with the singer, the curly haired cat has made appearances in Manson's film work, and was also the subject of one of his paintings.

Say what you will about Martha Stewart, but despite her chilly reputation, she is a true animal lover at heart. While she often appears with her Frenchies Sharkey and Francesca and her beloved Chow Chow Ghengis Khan, she also holds a very special place in her heart for fluffy kitties, too. According to her website, Stewart currently shares her sprawling Bedford estate with calico Persians Empress Tang and Princess Peony (pictured above), along with Himalayans Electra, Sirius, Vivaldi, and Verdi.

So, how did you do?

0-3 correct: It's back to litter box duty for you! (no pun intended)
4-6 correct: Almost there! You have your paw on the pulse of what's hot in Hollywood, but you're not ready for Cat Fancy just yet.
7-9 correct: Congrats! You know your Meredith's from your Ollie's, and you Purry's from your Peonies! It's time to put down your copy of US Weekly and quit your day job to become a professional cat blogger. You're a cat lady (or man) for life!



enigmachine said...

I remembered seeing Meredith, in that "ACM voting" video.
Lily White looks like a Manson cat.
By that time, I had already scrolled down to the rest.

Steph said...

OMG that picture of Meredith! *squee* Love seeing celebrities who are animal lovers...and especially cat lovers. =D

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