Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Colfer Dishes About His Adopted Cat On "Live with Kelly!"

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"Glee's" very own Kurt Hummel recently adopted a senior shelter cat, and yesterday the star gave an update on his new addition while visiting the set of "Live with Kelly!"

Colfer revealed that Brian, 8, suffers from a distorted body image, and has a penchant for squeezing into places where he doesn't belong, joking, "He's a little bit in denial about his size. He thinks he's very, very small, so I go home and find him stuck in all kinds of things." When guest co-host Jimmy Kimmel asked if he had tried putting the 22 lb. puss on a diet, the star replied, "I did, but he kept breaking into the food."

Chris announced that he adopted Brian from the West Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles on Twitter last month, while also urging fans to consider rescuing animals in need. In addition to the the shapely feline, the animal lover also shares his pad with a pup, along with two other lucky cats.

Looks like Lord Tubbington has some competition!



Alice said...

That's so sweet that he adopted a senior cat! They need love too, good for him!

meowmeowmans said...

Good for Chris! How awesome that he adopted a senior cat. :)

Anonymous said...

Senior cats are the best! But dude, put that cat on a diet and fast...remember Meow Cat...he died a very untimely death.

Anonymous said...

That's great he adopted another cat in need, but I hope he gets serious about his weight. Overweight animals are no joke.

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