Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Cat Cardigan That Always Has Your Back

Starting with Anna Grupke's iconic "Coming and Going" t-shirts that originated in the 80s (you know, the ones with the cats walking on the front, with their heiney's on the back), any two-sided cat garment has always had it going on. Lazy Oaf recently debuted a double-sided black cat dress that had us meowing out loud, and now ModCloth has released the ultra-cute "Hugs to Go" cardigan that guarantees you will always be covered, from front to back.

When I initially laid eyes on the design, I though, "Oh, that's cute!", until I realized that the chubby, Maru looking puss was actually draped over the front of the sweater, with his textured little toes dangling over the back (which instantly upgraded my assessment from "cute" to "OMGGgggilovecatsawesome!")

The real triumph in the cheerful hot pink cardigan, however, is in the charmingly thoughtful details. There's the sweet rose buttons that adorn the front, and the crocheted cat ears and paw pads that are just begging to be touched - unlike those belonging to my real cats, who only indulge me roughly 50% of the time.



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