Monday, May 14, 2012

United Bamboo 2013 Cat Fashion Calendar Casting Call

Kitty-cat fashion devotees are probably familiar with the United Bamboo Cat Fashion Calendar - a limited edition, highly coveted collectible, featuring felines dressed up in miniature versions of the brand's innovative designs.

Many, (or maybe just me, really), were heartbroken when the label forwent releasing a calendar this year, but my ears perked up like a kitty hearing a can opener at the casting call notice posted on their Facebook page earlier today.

The fashion label is currently on the prowl for American's Next Top Cat Model(s) to pose for the 2013 incarnation of the calendar, which will be shot in NYC on June 9th. Aspiring Meow-mi Campbell's should work their fiercest poses, and have their momagers post them to the United Bamboo Facebook page, or Tweet them @UnitedBamboo with the hashtag #catclub, for a chance at achieving their 15 minutes of feline fame.

Need more info? Read the full casting notice below, and check out some images taken from the 2011 shoot for inspiration. Does you kitty have what it takes to make the cut?

Did You Miss Us This Year?

We're casting for our 2013 calendar and looking for 12 of the fanciest of felines.

Photoshoot is scheduled for June 9th in NYC, time TBD.

Post your picture on our Facebook wall or tweet it to us!/UnitedBamboo with #catclub.

We will make our selects and email you information on the shoot.



Leah said...

Holy cow! If I tried to put either of my cats into clothes, I'd come out looking like shredded ribbons! Good luck to everyone who enters! I'm envious!

Shelly Hooven said...

I, too, was heartbroken when they didn't make a calendar this year :(
I wish I lived in NYC because I'd definitely be primping my three cats for their headshots. I ADORE this calendar!!!

Kimber said...

Oh these poor kitties.. why human insist on dressing the purrrfect feline form is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I NEED to do this with Jake!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I sent them Jake in his tux, his Red Sox outfit, his mistletoe hat, one of his coats, his Green Bay Packer outfit and his Hawaiian shirt. Wish me luck!!!

Catsparella said...

Good luck!! He would be purrfect! :)

Anonymous said...

Right? How can they not?
Unless, being New Yorkers, they're still upset about that whole stealing home thing that he's named after...

Still. They might be Mets fans.

starification said...

rofl I love that last picture. I've seen it before but never knew where it came from.

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