Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Two Cats Magazine: The First Magazine For Cats, By Cats

Two paws up for Two Cats Magazine!

Longtime readers may know that I'm a huge fan of Hey Pais, the internet's only journal comics written by a cat. Paisley is a 9-year-old girl kitty who lives in Chicago with her humans (who she affectionately refers to as "The Girl" and "The Guy"), along with a three-year-old white cat named Boo Radley, who they adopted last year.

Pais did me the honor of being one of my first celebrity cat interviews back in 2010, and gave me some insights on being a formerly (semi) feral cat, and what inspired her to start a comic about the real and make-believe adventures that make up her day-to-day in her life.

Cats-in-Chief: Boo Radley hogs the bed as Paisley looks on

More recently, Pais and Boo Radley decided to take on the challenge of creating Two Cats Magazine, the first magazine for cats, by cats. She's kind of like the feline version of Anna Wintour - just with less coffee, and more catnip (plus when she wears fur, it's totally ethical!). Pais and The Girl graciously sent me a copy of the magazine to check out, and I have to say, this ain't your mama's Cat Fancy.

Catnip mice (available from the Hey Pais Etsy shop) catching up on all of the latest celebrity cat news

As soon as it arrived, Two Cats Magazine had me buzzing with excitement before I even turned to the first page. The inaugural issue is handsomely bound, and features letters to the editor (Sample query: "My girl and guy keep talking about how they want to get another cat or something called a puppy. Should I be worried?"), an expose of what's really going inside the utility closet, a fashion editorial including looks from "Forever 2" and "Urban Mousefitters," a recipe for catnip treats, parody advertisements, an exclusive interview with Charlene Butterbean of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee ("For an indoor cat, I lead a very interesting life"), and much, much more!

I really enjoyed reading the book, and appreciated the clever writing and illustrations, all done from a humorous cat's perspective. It's also easy to admire all of the time and hard work that went into creating the 52 page magazine, that was completely lettered and drawn by hand (er..I mean paw, right??).

If you'd like to pick up a copy of Two Cats Magazine (and I certainly hope you do!), it's available from the Hey Pais website for purchase in print and digital editions, suitable for your iPad or e-reader. In addition, I also recommend following @heypais and @radleycat on Twitter to keep up with all of their latest comics and daily musings on all things cat!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Two Cats Magazine to review, but all thoughts, opinions, and construction paper cat paws contained in this post are my own.



starification said...

I love Hey Pais :)

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Um...I need that book!

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That sounds great! We'll have to check Two Cats Magazine! :)

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