Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who's Your Cat Mama (Or Cat Daddy!): Match The Felines With Their Famous Owners!

You obsessively check Perez Hilton for latest entertainment gossip, and scan all of the tabloid headlines while checking out at the supermarket. Sure, you know everything about Jessica Simpson's baby and Brangelina's upcoming nuptials, but can you tell the difference between Meredith Swift and and Kitty Purry?

Match the famous cats with their celebrity owners, and leave your best guesses in the comments! I'll reveal correct answers on Friday!

Update: Thank you to everyone for making their guesses! Check out the answers HERE.



Steph said...

Ok here goes...1-Kitty Purry, 2-Piat, 3-Shelia, 4-Ollie, 5-Rocky, 6-Billy, 7-Meredith, 8-Lily White, 9-Princess Peony. (I always picture Martha as having little smushy-faced kitties for some reason. =P)

Steph said...

*Piaf, even. Gah. Fingers aren't working (they are busy giving out ear-scratches...cannot be bothered typing! LOL)

Kat said...

I think ..

Katy Perry = #1 Kitty Purry
Kat Von D = #2 Piaf
Kate Walsh = #3 Billy
Snooki = #4 Rocky
Taylor Swift = #5 Meredith
Ricky Gervais = #6 Ollie
Lea Michele = #7 Shelia
Marilyn Manson = #8 Lily White
Martha Stewart = #9 Princess Peony

Megan (Curious Panda) said...

That last comment didn't seem to work...

Okay, I know some of them, so the rest are guesses:
1- h. Kitty Purry
2- f. Piaf
3- i. Ollie
4- e. Rocky
5- b. Meredith
6- g. Billy
7- c. Sheila
8- d. Lily White
9- a. Princess Peony

Stacey said...

My guesses are:
1 - H Katy Perry (Kitty Purry)
2 - F Kat Von D (Piaf)
3 - G Kate Walsh (Billy)
4 - E Snooki (Rocky)
5 - B Taylor Swift (Meredith)
6 - I Ricky Gervais (Rocky)
7 - C Lea Michele (Sheila)
8 - D Marilyn Manson (Lily White)
9 - A Martha Stewart (Princess Peony)

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