Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed

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My design project for month of May was to take advantage of unused space in my place, and update the area with new decor or furniture. For the challenge, I decided to take on a DIY project I had been meaning to try, and create a new piece of furniture for Charlie and Priscilla that could fit into any small open area, such as at the end of a couch, under a sunny window, or on top of a chair that is used more for decoration than for sitting.

I have been eyeing vintage suitcase pet beds on Pinterest and Etsy for awhile, and lucked out when my mom gave me one of her old suitcases that was the perfect size, and had the right look and feel for the project. (The best part is that you can use any small, unused suitcase that is taking up room in your closet, such as this one was in mine).

Many of the suitcase beds I saw online had feet or did not have lids attached, but I decided keep it as-is so I can still use it as a suitcase, if needed. However, as a safety precaution, I inserted a wooden dowel through the hinges so that the top of the suitcase stays open and can never slam shut.

With the suitcase lid firmly attached, I browsed through some designs for inspiration, and opted to accessorize the interior with a few trinkets, such as kitten buttons I received from my friend Luna of PloesiePoesie (the large one is actually a pocket mirror), old stamps, and Priscilla's toy mouse. When I felt like it needed an extra splash of color, I created the bunting, which was made out of a bit of felt and glue. To make the bed extra comfortable, I added a standard size pillow covered with a floral sham, although any extra fabric or old pillowcase you have laying around will do.

Overall, it was an easy project, and helped me make some extra room in my closet, plus gave me a cute conversation piece that can really dress up any unused area. It's also a great idea for if you're renting or living in a small space and don't have a lot of room to play around with, because you can stick it anywhere, or pack it up when it's time to go on vacation or move!

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Claire Toplis said...

What a cute idea .. love it x

Georgia said...

Hope your kitties like their new custom bed!
Great to get people thinking about things in a new way.

katsrus said...

That is so cute!
Sue B

Unknown said...

I made one last summer but I keep the lid tied up to a chair with a ribbon so it won't close. Where did you put the dowel? I couldn't see it in the pictures.

Catsparella said...

@susanrae That's a great idea! I slid the dowel sideways through the hinge in the back

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