Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Cats Were Over "Breading" Before It Became Uncool

The original "in-bread" cat

At 11:30 am EST yesterday, Gawker did a post about the hottest new internet meme: 'Breading' Cats.

The trend, which goes back to an image of a cat with its face in a piece of bread, has been floating around the internet for many months (since August 2, 2011 to be exact, thanks to Know Your Meme) but yesterday was the day that Gawker decided to take it off of Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook and bring it to a (slightly) more mainstream audience.

The post garnered over 90,000 page views, and its popularity prompted three additional postings the same day, including "The Best Tweets About Breading, The Weird New Internet Meme," "Here Are Your Best Pictures of Breaded Cats," and the inevitable, "Breading Has Jumped The Shark," posted at 7:52 pm, a mere 8.5 hours after the original post went up.

The Melbourne Herald Sun picked up the story, as did The Daily Mail. During the course of the afternoon, I received several emails about the phenomenon, and resolved that my kitties would surely become involved. When I called my mom and to ask if I could borrow some bread to put on the cats (I only had English Muffins), she asked "Why?", and I replied, "I dunno, it's silly." But, I mean, why not? There is something invariably adorable about a kitty with a doughy little mane on its head. (Don't believe me? Check out Pita-cat!)

I don't know if it was my lack of proper materials (light, whole wheat bread is too small and flimsy), the fact that my cats may or may not have abnormally large heads, or that Charlie and Priscilla already knew that breading was over - but they both unequivocally refused to participate. In the end, all I had to show for my efforts was a pile of torn bread that some birds got to enjoy in the morning.

So tell me, did you get in on the cat breading craze before it went the way of the dinosaur? Please, oh please, do feel free to share your pics with me on Facebook, or through email at!



Anonymous said...

It's things like breading that make me so happy the internet exists.

- Megan

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