Friday, February 3, 2012

Jason Wu & Milu The Cat Prepare To Touch Down At Target

Hours before the big game starts on Sunday, there will be a battle of another kind going down at Target locations across the country, when their limited edition collaboration with designer Jason Wu is scheduled to hit stores.

What's so special about this collection, you ask? The last Target designer launch for Missoni in September crashed the retailer's website and sold out of stores immediately. Fashionista is reporting that fashion editors are already hawking some of Wu's goods (including the Milu the cat scarf and tote) on eBay, and while they note that the level of excitement isn't quite as high as it was for Missoni, it's still sure to be a sell-out. If you can't make it to a store, you can always shop online - But as someone who lives within proximity to about a million Target stores, I feel obligated to be there bright and early (you're welcome to say hi, but get out of my way - jk!).

Milu Scarf, $19.99

Obviously, Target has their market down pat, because every show I watched this week teased me with their adorable cat-themed commercial during the breaks. As the official "spokes-cat" of the collection, Milu also appears at the top of the Target website, and they plastered the glam kitty's image on the side of a building in TriBeCa.

Is Milu a real cat? I was unable to get a direct reply, but it appears the elegant black feline is, at least in part, inspired by Jason Wu's own cats, Jinxy and Peaches. Wu recently told Fashionista that the gorgeous little tabbies (seen here) are the "loves of his life."

Milu Shirt, $19.99

Milu Cream Tote, $39.99

So, what's our game plan on all of this, ladies? I've never fallen for the hype of one of these collections before, but Milu has got me going gaga. We know that the launch will include (at least) three cat related items - a scarf, a tote bag, and a t-shirt. If my local Target opens at 8 a.m., am I gonna be the only dummy standing outside at 7? Seasoned fashionistas, please assist in sharing your shopping tactics for the big day!

2/5 Update: Check out my haul! I wasn't able to get the scarf, but I scored the t-shirt and tote!
Update #2: My scarf is on its way thanks to Janine & Cree!



Rachel Shubin said...

I am going to our Target and will get there early. I just hope there won't be a line outside. My mom and I are each getting a couple things from the collection.

lizz said...

i'm so excited about the scarf :) the rest of the collection is really cute too but i especially love everything with cats! of course :)

Joanna said...

I actually saw the tote already in my Target store (Jersey City, NJ), although I didn't bite. They had just the bags out from the collection, though, and not yet any scarves or clothing. I wonder if other stores are putting things out early, and if it's worth checking before Sunday? HTH.

Catsparella said...

@Joanna Thanks for the tip! I'm in NJ, too! Maybe I'll stop by my local store tonight to check! I really want the shirt and/or scarf, though..hmm..

Random Felines said...

OMC - that commercial is PAWSOME. We hadn't seen it either! And his kitty girls are pretty adorable!

Cat said...

Sadly there are no Target shops in Canada (yet). Hopefully I can nab something online before it sells out!!!

RobynP said...

I will definitely be at Target or online anyway! You can watch the Super Bowl any year, this event may be once in a lifetime :)

Tiffany Knox said...

I got the t shirt and tote too! I really wanted that scarf!

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