Friday, February 3, 2012

Forget Madonna, Animal Planet's Kitty Halftime Show Is Where It's At

(Image: Best Week Ever)

I don't have any meaningful investment in the Super Bowl, but as a New Jersey resident, and my father's daughter, I am morally obligated to root for the Giants. That being said, while I will be tuning in to watch the commercials, the real event I'm looking forward to is the Kitty Halftime show as part of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl VIII.

Before Madonna even starts putting on her face, kittens from Animal Care & Control of NYC will be romping their way through a tiny stadium set of what's surely going to be the day's most entertaining spectacle. This year's festivities have the added benefit of a "tweeting" bird (har har), and a newly minted "piggy pepsquad" to help cheer on the pups from the sidelines.

The network recently invited BuzzFeed and Best Week Ever to get a backstage glimpse into what goes into the making of the feline extravaganza, and both came back with a slew of photos, tempting us with the adorableness that awaits (clearly my invitation got lost in the mail).

Puppy Bowl VIII airs at 3PM E/P this Sunday on Animal Planet, and if you can't wait to tune in, satisfy your cuteness craving by watching last year's installment above!



Unknown said...

I wish the real superbowl had a kitty half time show. I'd be all up on that!
Unfortunately, we have a traditional superbowl party at my house for the past 8 years. This sunday will be the 9th year.

Lolcat Lisa said...

I always think the kittens during the halftime show look more scared than interested in all of the lights and toys. And then at the end they dump about 50 pounds of confetti on them! That will not, however, stop me from watching it...especially if the Giants are losing.

your fellow traveler said...

C'mon over to our house Sassy.... we have 9 cats so every day is a half time show here, lol

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, we LOVE the Kitty Halftime Show!

Kendy P said...

After the kitty half time show I went into the boyfriend's office teary. He asked what was wrong...I replied 'ohh those cute kities got to me'...I only saw one lil black & white kitty - I was trying to point the baby out to Mar!

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