Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Game Crashing Anfield Cat Rescued And Recuperating At UK Animal Shelter

Shankly the Anfield Cat is being treated at Freshfields Animal Rescue

What's a homeless cat gotta do to get noticed these days? Dash across an occupied football stadium during a nationally televised sporting event, apparently!

For those concerned about the fate of the Anfield Cat - the kitty caught on film bounding across the field at the UK stadium last week - rest assured that the now infamous feline has been rescued, and is being nursed back to health by the staff of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool.

Shankly, as he has been renamed, is thought to be around 2-3 years old, and was suffering from bites and an abscess under his chin when he was scooped up late last week. Although shy at first, the shelter reports that he is "an extremely affectionate and friendly cat who shows obvious gratitude for the cosseting he is receiving at present."

In addition to being treated for his injuries, the brave kitty will be neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped before he is ready to begin looking for a forever home - which should be in about three weeks. With all the publicity surrounding his story, I'm sure the audacious moggy (Brit-speak, yay!) will be spoken for in no time - however, there's no word yet on if his lucrative Twitter account, which now boasts over 58,000 loyal followers, will come as part of the deal.

If you would like to donate towards Shankly's care, or towards the care of 80+ other cats currently residing at Freshfields Animal Rescue, please visit their website for more information.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - great news!

Anonymous said...

Oh good, I'm glad! I was wondering what happened to that kitty. He looks a little rough for wear...glad he'll be finding a home soon!

-- Megan

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