Thursday, February 9, 2012

Must Have Cat Paw T-Shirt Invites People To "Touch Your Pads"

Cat's Hands Shirt by SCOPY - $75, YesStyle

Cat paws are a popular topic over here at Catsparella. I mean, what's not to love about pretty pink paw pads and squishy jelly bean toes?

The Cat's Hands T-Shirt by SCOPY takes my admiration for kitty feet to a whole 'nother (if not peculiar) level, with a pair of fuzzy white paw appliqu├ęs, reminiscent of those touch and feel books you had as a kid. The text of the shirt reads, "This t-shirt was (*has) reproduced the sense and touch and texture of cat's hands. For the one who really loves cat's hands! Please touch my pads!"

Perfect for those who enjoy dressing with a sense of whimsy, aren't bothered by the use of incorrect grammar, and don't mind inviting complete strangers to come and feel them up.



Clooney said...

Oh, we likey!

JazzBaby said...

sooo love this!

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