Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitten Painters Help Fund Animal Rescue

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A book once sought to answer the question of "Why Cats Paint," but the real answer is more simple than you think: For charity.

From the cats of Big Cat Rescue, to the kittens of the Fayetteville Animal Shelter in Arkansas, cats have been putting paw to paper to help raise money for their survival. The latest in a line of philanthropic pussycat painters comes out of Australia, where the mother daughter duo of Louise Clayton and Tegan Ellis have put their rescued kittens to work, creating mini-masterpieces that also help pay the bills.

The paint is completely non-toxic and safe for the cats, and no one is made to participate unless they want to. Visit the Rescue Cat Art Facebook Page for more pictures of the budding feline artists in action, and information on how you can get on a waiting list to pick up a piece of your own!

Via The Telegraph / The Daily Mail (Thanks for the tip, Holly!)



Anonymous said...

How awesome are these gorgeous little Aussie kitties?! Cat Protection Society in Sydney do something similar to raise funds - you can check out the mini canvas I bought here:

CPS uses non toxic kids face paint and only do it once a year for their open day auctions :o)

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