Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tampa Bay Rays DJ Kitty Mascot Comes To Life On The Field And Off

DJ Kitty (Click here to watch the version with sound)

The Tampa Bay Rays DJ Kitty first rose to fame in September 2010, when a video of the black and white mixmaster - used to hype fans at games - appeared online and became a viral sensation. Today, DJ Kitty - who recently reemerged as a Dubstep enthusiast - continues to be a fan favorite. While real cats are generally unwelcome at sporting events, a costumed version of the feline mascot is getting ready to make its big stadium debut.

The DJ Kitty Mascot is set to debut at Rays Fan Fest this weekend

Yahoo! Sports reports that the kitty - complete with jersey, backwards cap, and bling - is set to appear at Rays Fan Fest this weekend, and will probably make regular game appearances after that. However, loyalists of Raymond, the Rays marine-inspired mascot, shouldn't fret because there are no plans to replace him with the talented Tuxedo cat.

Like any self respecting feline, DJ Kitty has a burgeoning social media presence, and you can follow his pre and post-game exploits on Twitter @RaysDJKitty.



Anonymous said...

I saw this today and ALMOST DIED. I love it when memes bleed over into the real world.

-- Megan

Julie- CatAtelier said...

I LOVE it! but I wish the Yankees had that instead.
(As a costume maker, I have to say that I think the paws could've been done much better. But the face is very cute, even if they didn't do the marking on the chin that the real dj kitty has.)

Lolcat Lisa said...

DJ KItty in da house!

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