Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Victoria Beckham Transforms London Department Store Into A Cat Lovers Paradise

After many months of anticipation, Victoria Beckham's new clothing has hit stores, and if you're in London, I suggest you get thee to Harvey Nichols, where you can check out an exclusive preview of the collection, with an extreme feline bent.

Although only a few of the brightly colored, boxy dresses actually feature a cat print, the former Spice Girl has gone kitty crazy - decking out windows of the world-famous store with cat decals, outfitting mannequins with bedazzled cat heads, and tagging kitty stickers on the doors to help promote the line, which is reportedly selling out fast.

Victoria, who doesn't own any cats of her own, but has two French Bulldogs named Scarlet and Coco, says that the pieces were inspired by Emily the Strange, and designed to help bring out her "inner girl."

While many are calling Victoria, Victoria Beckham the British superstar's "cheaper" line, her whimsical cat dresses will still cost you a pretty penny. With prices upwards of £500, or $787 USD, you better tell your kitties to start saving up their litter if they want to be able to afford one!

Click over to Vogue.co.uk for more pictures of the Harvey Nichols cat-transformation!



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I love the last one and the second to last one, the price? Not so much!

Marilyn said...

The dresses are ugly, but the cat heads are cute.

ella said...

those dresses are lush but yes don't think I'll be winning the lottery anytime soon!!

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