Friday, February 24, 2012

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat: Feline Inspired Fashion Sets Pt. III

This time I used accessories involving mice, fishies, feathers, and a brightly colored raincoat to help emulate some super cute kitties - including Maru! And what would the world's favorite Scottish Fold be without his boxes, which I included in the form of some stylish white suitcases - purrfect for napping on!


lizz said...

these are all so adorable. i love the calico one!

Anonymous said...

OMG new life goal - dress like Maru, all the time.

- Megan

Yuma said...

Oh poot! the mouse ring is already sold out! I also wish that I looked as cute as Maru in a rain slicker.

HH and The Boys said...

Nice. Yes everyone should want to imitate our coloring.

good post.

pawhugs, Max

starification said...

I really love these waaaaaay too much :)

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