Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Cats Paint For Charity

To help kick-off the annual Fur Ball being held on October 8, 2010, Big Cat Rescue had several of their furry residents create unique works of art to be auctioned off for the charity.

The cats were each given a canvas covered in non-toxic paint and an enticing scent (catnip spray and Calvin Klein's Obsession??), and then were given free-range to express their creativity! As you can see in the pictures and video below, no matter how big these cats are, they still sometimes act like little ol' pussycats.

Proceeds from the Fur Ball and sale of the paintings will "fund both the ongoing care of more than 100 big cats that reside at the 45-acre sanctuary in Tampa, FL as well as the tiger conservation efforts of the International Tiger Coalition."



Apollo and Zeus


Rusty and Sassy

Bella the Tiger's work of art is up for auction on eBay until September 30th, and the bidding is already up to $510.00!

To learn more more about the wonderful efforts of Big Cat Rescue, please visit their website at BigCatRescue.org.



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