Friday, February 10, 2012

China's Cat Currency Controversy

Chairman Mao...or Chairman Meow?

The cutest currency controversy ever has erupted in China, where microbloggers are claiming that three cats are hidden in the 100-yuan note, right next to the image of Mao Zedong.

While a blown up picture appears to reveal a trio of felines, The People's Bank of China were quick to refute the allegation, stating, "Someone imagined the patterns as three cats and drew the profile with a marker to mislead the public."

The bank maintains that the actual patterns were inspired by lacquerware dating from the Warring States Period (476-221 BC). Further backing up their assertion, antique expert Zhang Yang told the Beijing News the pattern is typical of decorations during that time, and that artifacts with cat images from that period have never been found.

Banknote expert Yuan Yinlong was quoted as saying, "The ancient elements in today's fifth-generation 100-yuan notes reflect the wisdom and culture of the nation."

A wisdom and culture, apparently, that does not include cats.



Kateyaya said...

hahaha i saw this on chinasmack. one of the only fun and nondepressing stories on there

The Kitties of Purring Pines said...

It looks like kitties to us!

Unknown said...

If I had kitties on my money it would be too hard to spend, that's exactly what I need!

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