Monday, February 6, 2012

Cee Lo Green Introduces The World To His Purrfect Pussycat

(Click here to watch if video doesn't load)

After a disappointing lack of cat themed Super Bowl commercials, one lucky kitty managed to purr its way into pop culture last night with an appearance on The Voice. Cee Lo Green - who wowed viewers with his performance during the halftime show, looked like a modern day James Bond villain as he stroked the hilariously grumpy looking Persian, named Purrfect.

In a clip released ahead of the show's premiere (seen above), Green reveals the kitty is very close to his heart, and that his furry friend will be a "secret weapon" in achieving victory this season on the musical competition show.

Purrfect is also angling to become a star in his own right, with a Twitter account and Facebook page, where you can follow the fluffy cutie's ongoing rise to fame.

I haven't been watching The Voice so far, but if this is the way it's gonna be, I'm going to have to start! #TeamCeeLoGreen #TeamPurrfect



Kendy P said...

Must pet those tiny cat ears!!!!

VKitty said...

I love seeing Cee Lo with Purrfect....they're so cute together! <3

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