Friday, December 2, 2011

Buy a Mr. Bojangles Ornament to Benefit a Diabetic Kitty in Need

Mr. Bojangles Felt Kitty Ornament

Looking to add a bit of feline festivity to your tree, and help out a good cause at the same time? Etsy sellers Monster & The Squirrel are selling the Mr. Bojangles Felt Kitty ornament this holiday season to help defray the costs of their beloved kitty's medical bills after he was recently diagnosed with feline diabetes. Feline diabetes is not curable, however it is highly treatable with proper care. Left untreated, the increasingly common disease in cats can lead to worsening symptoms, or even death.

From the item description:

"Mr. Bojangles has the biggest eyes you've ever seen and the biggest heart. He loves hanging out with people and trying to get attention from his BFF pitbull friend Otis. Mr. Bojangles is the sweetest little furball around!

Our sweet kitty was diagnosed with feline diabetes a few months ago and has been undergoing treatment. All proceeds go towards Mr. Bojangles insulin, syringes, special food, and vet visits. It has been very hard financially and emotionally on us. We have sold a lot of our stuff just so Bojangles will have his medication and special food."

If you're interested in contributing to the cause, the Mr. Bojangles Kitty Special Edition Ornament can be purchased here for $10.00.

Mr. Bojangles



Suzanne H said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'd love to buy one!

Monster and The Squirrel said...

Thank you for the write up! We appreciate it, especially Mr. BoJangles. :)

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