Thursday, December 22, 2011

If Dexter Morgan Had A Cat

Dexter's Cat Print - $40.00, Future Colors

God knows I've had nearly every major Dexter plot line spoiled for me by the internet (including the finale of Season 4, thanks Netflix!), so I'm not going to reveal Sunday night's season finale cliffhanger, BUT I will say the most climactic part of the episode for me was not during the final few seconds, but rather when crazy Travis (aka Baby Hanks!) played nice with the murdered couple's ginger tabby instead of killing it.

That being said, what better way for the cat loving Dexter fan to tide themselves over until the series returns next fall, than with this charmingly bizarre cat print by Future Colors? I mean, let's face it.. Dexter Morgan would make a terrible cat dad, but he'd be ace at analyzing his kitty's bloody paw print spatter. (Deb, on the other hand, could probably benefit from a cat's soothing properties at this point.)

p.s. True Blood fans, fret not! They have a bloody cat print in stock for you, too.



Anonymous said...

I was glad Travis didn't kill the cat.... that thought crossed my mind too. :-)
Yeah, the ending of season four was the first sentence on the back of the season 5 dvd set! I was just glancing at it in the store.... SO mad.

Anonymous said...

I was SOOOOooooo afraid Travis was going to do something to that cat! He did it to enough people (like Gellar, and that waitress, and his sister...) he seemed to like. I was so relieved when the kitty was okay!

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