Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best Maru Moments Of 2011

Maru's popularity continued to skyrocket in 2011, a year that saw the Japanese Scottish Fold survive his country's devastating earthquake, release his first English language book, and continue to break YouTube records (we're talking about a cat who has the distinction of holding the 7th most subscribed YouTube channel of ALL TIME in Japan).

In case you don't have time to scroll through an entire year's worth of the charismatic kitty's hijinks, here's my own carefully curated list of a year of the life of the internet's most beloved cat. Can't get enough? Visit Maru's blog and YouTube channel for even more images and videos of the world famous feline.




Shortly after the deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March, mugumogu posted this image, confirming that she and Maru were safe.



May was perhaps the most prolific month of the year for Maru. He not only received his third YouTube trophy, this time for 2010's "Many Too Small Boxes And Maru," but also celebrated his 4th birthday on May 24th. To commemorate the event, mugumogu created a retrospective of his third year, titled "I Am Maru 3," which went on to become his most popular video of 2011, with over 2.6 million views to date.



In July, Apple released OS X Lion, but Twitter user Kookizu had a better idea for their next operating system upgrade.


Maru released his first English language book, I Am Maru by mugumogu, on August 23, 2011.









Random Felines said...

OMC - we hadn't seen the "exhausted" is cracking up at the flat cat with the twitching tail.....

Anonymous said...

Cutest cat ever!

CATachresis said...

One can never have too much of Maru :))))

Jans Funny Farm said...

We always get a kick out of Maru and his boxes.

Anonymous said...

We can't lie.....we are total Maru groupies!!!


Anonymous said...

So his eyes.

Elizabeth Oriana said...

Maru! Maru! Maru!
Luv u! Luv u! Luv u!

starification said...

I love this cat so much, he brings me so much happiness :)

Jean said...

I Love Maru! My cat looks alot like him. Im in love with Tabbycats!

miisalee said...

I love Maru!! What an interesting, unique cat! We have 5 rescued cats in my house-- two of them are 3 month old kittens. We named the grey/white stripey one Maru :] Sadly, our baby Maru is nowhere near as funny as the original, but he is definitely chotto futoteimasu!! (a little on the heavy side)

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

We adore Maru!

Anonymous said...

this cat is so lovely and so cute Maru forever

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