Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Celebrates 20 Years of Elle Taiwan

In honor of the mag's 20th anniversary, Elle Taiwan has commissioned Hello Kitty to grace two special edition covers of the magazine. On one, she does her best Natalie Portman impression in a Black Swan inspired get-up complete with Pepto pink rhinestone encrusted moon boots, while on the other she's looking slightly more subdued in polka dots and pearls.

The Huffington Post seems to think it's "creepy" to find a fictional white cat on the cover of a respected fashion publication, but I say Kitty White sans photoshop (her fur is naturally flawless) is probably as "real" as it gets in print these days. Plus, it's really great that she can serve as a positive role model for young cats everywhere, who are struggling to fit in, and navigating through their body image issues caused by adjusting to living life in a fur suit.



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