Thursday, December 8, 2011

3-Legged Cat Turns to PR Agency for Help Securing a Home for the Holidays

My heart just about broke into a million pieces watching Paws hop around on three legs, while emitting a mournful mew. Let's help this kitty find a home for the holidays!

What's a stray kitty with no home, and a serious image problem to do? If you're a three-legged cat in Tampa, FL, you hop your way to the corporate headquarters of Selig Multimedia, Inc. (home of PR firm The Publicity Agency, and press release newswire PR NewsChannel), for some serious public relations management, aimed at finding you a forever home.

When the cat (which has not been identified as male or female, but seems like a lady to me, so I shall refer to her as a "she") showed up at the agency a few weeks ago, staffers gave her water, and named her "Paws." When she returned yesterday after a brief absence, the PR professionals sprang into action, issuing a pro bono press release on behalf of the attention seeking feline.

"We tried calling the various governmental or animal offices that might be able to help but we were told they either did not have the employees to pick up the cat or could not guarantee that the cat would not be put down," says Glenn Selig, president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc.


Unwilling to relinquish the cat to an uncertain fate, Selig hopes that the PR campaign will help provide a second chance for the lost kitty, who is said to get around fine despite her handicap (one of her hind legs appears to have been amputated).

"We're hoping this story has a happy ending," says Selig. It would be a great holiday miracle and a great story to tell for years to come."

If you have any information on "Paws," or live in the Tampa, FL area and are interested in adopting her, please contact Selig Multimedia, Inc. directly at 813-708-1220, or read the full press release here.


"Paws," the savvy 3-legged stray that made her way into a Florida PR agency in search of shelter, has been reunited with her owner! Selig Multimedia, Inc. reports that shortly after their press release hit the web, the lost cat's owner came forward to claim her. The kitty, whose real name is Heather (I was right, she's a lady!) is now being taken care of and is "warm and safe."

Glenn Selig, president and CEO of Selig Multimedia issued a statement saying, "Thanks to everyone around the U.S. and Canada who offered to help. There are a lot of really wonderful, caring people in this world. And it's reassuring to know that."



Kendy P said...

what a pretty kitty!

starification said...

I hope she finds a home!

Anonymous said...

If I didn't already have over a dozen strays I'm feeding Id take her. She's a cutie. Maybe they could help me find homes for my babies?

NotACrazyCatLady said...

Looks like the owner claimed her yesterday! So glad this is one "tail" that had a happy ending.

mary wicks said...

gorgeous cat

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