Friday, December 16, 2011

Cutie Cat Felt Brooches By Hanako

Miss Cat with fancy glasses felt pin

As someone who's fallen into the routine of only wears black jeans or leggings (blue jeans? but I'm an "artist!"), paired with my black winter coat, lately I've been looking a little more gothique than I would prefer. I've been thinking of ways to add a "pop of color" (meh) to my gloomy garments, and aside from scarves and mittens, I've surmised a bright brooch could be just the thing to show the world that I'm not really such a sour puss.

With that in mind, I recently got downright giddy upon discovering these ridiculously whimsical felt brooches by Hanako. Handmade in Romania, each candy colored creation is a unique treat, and I pretty much want one of everything in her shop. Check out my favorite kitty-themed picks below, or click over to Hanako yourself for everything from rainbow foxes, to nerdy teddy bears, and moar!

Girl and her imaginary cat felt pins

Miss Cat felt pin

Miss White Cat and Girl felt pin


Anonymous said...

Awww!!!! these are so cute!!!! only just discovered your blog but we are now obsessed!!! Thankyou!! xx

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