Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Kitten Covers Wishes You A Very Merry Kitmas

The Beach Kittens - Kitmas Album

The Kitten Covers, the Tumblr devoted to improving classic album art with cats, is back just in time to bring some feline festivity to your holiday playlist. If hearing Mariah Carey caterwaul her way through "All I Want For Christmas Is You" one more time is enough to make you scream, then let the soothing sounds of The Beach Kittens, Cat King Cole, and Bing Catsby get you in the purrfect mood to celebrate the season.

Bing Catsby

Cat King Cole



starification said...

How did you know that Mariah Carey Christmas song is my least favorite song of all time? >_>

(for serious though)

Catsparella said...

HAHAHA! I don't mind it, but I'm kind of over it myself :)

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