Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catsparella's 20 Favorite Cat Videos Of 2011

Selecting the "best" cat videos of the year included a number of factors that included more than just views. While obvious choices such as the mega-popular (and culturally significant) "Nyan Cat" and "Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten" made the list, I also opted to include some of my lesser viewed favorites that you may have forgotten about over the past year. The picks you'll find here are all entertaining, creative, or informative in some way, and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed compiling them. (p.s. If you're looking for the best cat commercials of the year, you can view that post here).

The simple act of a mother cat hugging her kitten after it had a nightmare was enough to melt the iciest of hearts, and even warranted scientific analysis by National Geographic.

This interspecies lovefest between Shiloh the dolphin and Thunder the cat was unlike anything we'd ever seen before, making it one of the most surprising, and fascinating videos of the year.

The day after Oskar was adopted at 8-weeks-old, his owners gave him some toys to play with. Watch as the extraordinary little cat, who was born without formed eyeballs, tosses around jingle balls for the first time, using only his sense of sound.

If cats and dogs can work out their differences, maybe there's still hope for the rest of us.

The quintessential cat video of 2011 has to be Nyan Cat, the internet phenomenon consisting of a poptart cat with a rainbow coming out of its butt. Created by Chris Torres (aka prguitarman), and inspired by his Russian Blue cat named Marty, the video has received over 55 million (yes, million!) views to date.

The most popular, and also the best, Simon's Cat video of the year was this hilarious clip, where Simon's troublemaking moggy finally met his match in the form of a kittenish new housemate.

I'm not sure what spooked this cat so much that it felt the need to do its best Michael Jackson impression and exit stage left, but I hope it wasn't anything too traumatic, so I don't feel as bad when I keep watching this video over and over again.

There's nothing I love more than kitty kisses, which is why I fell in love with this epic show of cuteness starring Prince Gomolvilas, and his beloved kitty, Porkchop. (Check out my exclusive interview with Prince on the making of the video here.)

Jane is 29, single, and has a bit of a problem keeping a man in her life. Is it her love of cats that's causing the problem, or is it the other way around? Watch as Mr. Socks hilariously schemes to keep his mistress all to himself.

Over 18 million people tuned into Debbie's fake dating video bio, where she unraveled into a cat obsessed, blubbering mess.

The epic battle between good and evil..or at least good and apples, has begun.

This emotional video chronicles the story of a cat who sustained severe facial injuries, and his path to a jaw-dropping recovery. Make sure you have tissues handy before pressing play.

In a stroke of marketing genius, pop indie darlings Best Coast teamed up with The Cheeseburger Network for the video of their new song, "Crazy For You." The clip was not only directed by a cat (otherwise known as "Teh Director"), but also features a kitten driven craft services truck. As a word of caution, this video may not be suitable for young kitties, as it sadly includes a brief scene of catnip abuse.

Another case of adorably unexpected interspecies friendship, this time between a black cat named Fum and an owl named Gebra.

Cats are natural yoga practitioners with built-in flexibility and meditative mindsets, but this feline teacher takes it to the next level, painstakingly overseeing every aspect of his student's mat routine.

I'm a huge fan of British comedian Chris Cohen's ongoing series of animal translation videos, and this clip of two arguing kitties was my favorite of 2011, with Bully Cat and the Box - The Translation coming in a close second.

This short, nature style documentary took a look inside the world of New York City's bodega cats, who dutifully guard the city's corner grocery shops against unwanted pests.

Ever wonder what your cats are really looking at when they stare into space? I'd be cool with having an imaginary visitor stopping by from time to time, but please, no smoking! They have enough bad habits as it is.

Stephen Colbert welcomed a new Senior Correspondent to his show in February, a diplomatic cat named Christiane Aman-purr. The real Christiane was so taken with her feline counterpart, that she stopped by the program a few weeks later to deliver a special gift.

Men and cats were a super hot trend in 2011, and Funny or Die got in on the action by inviting television hunks Sam Tramwell (True Blood), Romany Malco (Weeds/No Ordinary Family), Mark Valley (a million different shows), Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), and more, to star in this titillating display of cute overload.



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My favorite is Oskar :) I just love that kitteh!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

"Walking For Kisses" is my all time fave but I am surprised you didn't include the video of Dakota sniffing Cody's butt?

That would give Maru something to talk about!!! MOL!!!!!

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