Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Is's Mysterious Spokescat?

Recently, my friend Alison sent me an invitation to register with Groupon, the cost saving site that negotiates discounts with popular business in your area, and passes the deals on to you through free daily email alerts. While checking out the site for a good bargain, the first thing I noticed was a peculiar tortoiseshell cat at the bottom of each page.

I couldn't find any information about the mysterious feline on the website, so I sent an email to the Groupon customer service department, and kept my fingers crossed. To my delight, within a day I received a response from Groupon Editor and Chief, Aaron With, who provided me with Groupon the Cat's bio.

He writes:

"Groupon the Cat, master of information, supreme cataloger of all human knowledge, was born into humble circumstances. Hatched in the front alleys of Chicago's River North neighborhood in November 2008, Groupon the Cat began wandering the globe, quickly becoming a master of world affairs, a student of history, and an expert in crypto-cartography.

Upon returning to Chicago, Groupon the Cat lent his name to a struggling technology start-up and became Groupon the Company's official voice of reason, settler of moral disputes, and head of HR. Refusing remuneration, Groupon the Cat is paid only in respect and the promise that no Groupon the Company's employees will ever own a dog."

And so, the mystery deepens! I'm glad to hear he's paid in respect, but I hope Fancy Feast is part of that compensation package, too!

See what Groupon the Cat has to say by following him on Twitter, or check out his daily musings over at



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I guess I should be embarrassed to say that I joined Groupon ages ago and never once used anything!
Glad for the history behind the Groupon Kitty!

Ingrid King said...

That's cute! The only problem with this is that it's highly unlikely that Groupon the cat is a male. Tortoiseshell cats are almost exclusively female.

Christina Gandolfo said...

Ha! I wondered what the story with the tortie was myself. Thanks for shedding light!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered about the Groupon Cat. Thanks for feeding my curiosity!

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