Friday, January 28, 2011

ThunderCats Are Back!

New images emerged this week of Cartoon Network's ThunderCats reboot, scheduled to debut later this year. The show's producer, Ethan Spaulding exclusively told

"We decided that it would be best to keep the core character traits of all the characters - specifically their colors - so at first glance you can tell who each one of them is. We really kept that core spirit of all of the characters and just updated them with a little more realistic armor, and some of the '80s aspects - like Lion-O's exposed midriff."

For a basis of comparison, here's a look back at the original "ThunderCats" crew:

And here's an additional new leaked image from the London Toy Fair:

Cheetara 1985 vs Cheetara 2011

The newer cast is decidedly younger looking, and as many have pointed out, have more of an anime look (Spaulding also revealed that the original show was actually done in Japan).

I'm not so upset about Lion-O, but I have some concerns about my girl, Cheetara. It looks like she lost a lot of weight, got an awful haircut, and replaced her happening catsuit with a tiny (new) cleavage bearing top.

I'll tune in for purposes of pop culture pussycat reporting (and for the thrill of reliving part of my childhood), but beyond that, only time will tell if the new ThunderCats are really on the move!



Kitti said...

Yay Thundercats!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

My son and I caught an episode of the new Thundercats (because I made him watch it). Liono's hair is really lame this time around. And the new Panthor looks and sounds like he will kick a lot of butt.

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